Chanel Blush deals

In summer I like to wear minimal makeup and focus on mascara and blush.  Chanel makes gorgeous blushes and although they are expensive they are simply gorgeous and look soo nice on!   Go here for some great deals =)

Happy Holidays!

Some favourite makeup looks

Just wanted to post some looks that I found online that I really like.  They are all a bit similar haha. oh well.  I want to try them out :D







Tell me which is your fav :-)

Awesome makeup sites

I just wanted to do a quick post to just let you (the few people that follow :P) the websites that I like to buy my makeup from. 


Trademe is a good place to find bargains if you don't mind buying second hand stuff.  I don't mind second stuff but I do usually buy brand new things especially lip products and foundation.  But its good if you are just starting out and want some quality eyeshadows but don't want to pay RRP.  What I do is I save my search on MAC, Benefit and other brands I like, so that when new stuff is uploaded I am notified via email.  Great way to just keep your eye out for bargains!

2) Ebay

Now you have to be very careful with ebay because there are alot of sellers selling fake stuff.  But all in all I've had good experiences with ebay.  You generally get a cheaper price from ebay just because there are so many different sellers.  I've gotten some neat stuff off there.  Just be sure to check sellers feedback percentages.

3) Crush Cosmetics

This is an Australian site that ships to NZ.  They have some great stuff on here like NYX, Milani, Elf and others.  Their products are pretty good quality and reasonable prices as well.  The shipping is slightly expensive but well packaged and it usually arrives from 1week to a week and a half so not bad.

4) StrawberryNET

One of my favourite places to shop.  There is so much stuff on this site and they ship extremely fast.  They have alot of high brand cosmetics and discounted prices.  Sometimes you can find some really awesome stuff on there as well.  They sometimes offer cosmetics like 20-50% off which is awesome.  I got a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick from there for only NZD$50 I was like wow.. they're usually so expensive.  I buy my foundation from this website and also my face care stuff.  (I love dermalogica! :-))

5) GracieLou

They lady that owns this lil online shop is a kiwi and she's super nice.  I actually won a perfume from her website as she was doing a little competition for FB fans at the time.  I was so surprised and even skeptical that I had won anything.. but sure enough it came in the mail all wrapped up nicely :D.  She has some good stuff at very good prices and she ships super super fast.  I like her Smashbox stuff because its very good quality and pretty cheap too!

Well those are the main sites that I use.  I hope its helpful to someone :D

My new lip combos

I'm a big fan of lipsticks and lipgloss.  No matter where I am going, they are a must have in my handbag.
I just thought I would do a quick post about the new lipsticks and lipglosses I've been combining lately.

I like to have a few pale lipglosses in my collection, just to tone down some of the very bright coloured lipsticks I have to make them more wearable for everyday.

Right now I'm wearing MAC fleshpot with Smashbox's lip enhancing gloss in sand.  I love it., its a neutral lip but its sheer.  I make it sheer by not piling on the lipstick., I kind of tap it on to get a thin layer rather than it being really opaque.  Then I layer the gloss on top and it gives a light glossy look, but also neutralises the colour of my very pigmented lips.. Just love it!

MAC fleshpot

Smashbox lip enhancing gloss in sand
Sometimes I use MAC lip erase to neutralise my lip colour, but MAC's fleshpot kind of does the same thing but with a slightly pink undertone.  Its a little bit more pretty as well with a satin finish.

Anyway that's my post for today! Hope its helpful to someone.


Work ball & makeup consult with MAC

Well., it was my first time going to the MAC counter to get my makeup done., and I LOVED it. Was quite nervous as I went there with absolutely NO makeup on. Plus the fact I don't have the most perfect skin. I am a long sufferer of acne since my teenage years. However I braved the shiny Smith & Caughy building to meet my makeup appointment.

I got to sit right in the corner which was a relief. No one wants to sit right where everyone is walking past and can gork at you while you're having your makeup done. It's more like that when you get your makeup done at the Bobby Brown counter. I have nothing against Bobby Brown, I think their makeup is gorgeous, its just their counter is not as private as the MAC one. (I am speaking only about the Smith & Caughy building on Queen St).

Since my makeup was for a formal evening event I thought I'd go hardout with the makeup. Why the hell not. It was a little more out there than I would have done myself, but the MAC makeup artist did an awesome job. I love the colours she used on me. It was a dark blue, but it was a mineralised eyeshadow which gave off a lovely iridescent appearance. Not sparkly but had a slight shimmer. It's gorgeous. Obviously I took that home with me with the $90 I put down as a deposit.

The foundation that they used on me was really nice too. Very moisturising which is what I love because I suffer from very dry skin even though I get pimples. So it was great. The foundation left my skin feeling dewy and didn't budge either.

I also had fake lashes put on. Which were awesome by the way but were soooo expensive! they were like $45 or something crazy. I probably wouldn't do that if I went again. Just too expensive. They were awesome though.

With the rest of my deposit I also bought the select cover concealer in NW25. I now use this concealer everyday. Its pretty good at concealer my under eye area and also blemishes.

Overall I found the experience to be alot of fun. Its definately worth it if you want to try out some MAC makeup and are not sure where to start or what to buy. I would definately do it if you are going to an event of somesort so that the makeup application is not wasted. Its something I think every girl should have the chance to do at least once!

And here is a pic of me in my outfit! Hope you like.

And here's a pic of the makeup. Please excuse my eyebrows! I forgot to shape them before hand. FAIL. I guess that's something you can learn from me!

Hope this is helpful to someone! :-)


Morrocan Oil

Ok so I found out about this stuff after getting my hair cut at Vada Salon here in Auckland. Which by the way is a friken awesome salon! If you can afford it , its so worth it! The only reason I decided to go there was because I had a voucher to go for a cut, colour & treatment all for $80 which I thought was such a great deal :-).

And it was! I loved my colour and my cut. awesome.

Anyway it was there I was reading about this Morrocanoil in one of their magazines while my colour was processing. And I thought it sounded interesting. Now I don't know if it was planned but Vada also stocks this product and they used it on my hair after it was washed. (Co-incidence? I'm not sure lol. But the was very wise if it was all planned coz I was totally sold! haha) Let me tell you, this stuff is AWESOME. Now I can't say how well it works for those with thin hair., mine is fairly thick (relatively normal thickness) and it just makes your hair feel so soft and healthy! It smells damn good too. It doesn't come cheap though., I think I got 200ml for about NZD$60 or so. But omg., its the bomb. I really do recommend it, especially if you have dry, colour damaged hair like I do.

If you visit my "about me" tab, the photo of me there is right after I had my hair done at Vada. I have not been able to get it so nice ever since haha. Awesome Salon, but it also shows how the Morrocanoil can make your hair lovely and shiny. Of course the straightening helps as well.

You can also feel good about purchasing this product as they use recycled materials in their packaging and do not test on animals.

So yeah., anyway check out the website here. They have a range of different products but my stylist used the oil treatment on my hair. It's supposed to restore shine, strengthen and condition and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT... I also saw they got a mention on the Rachael Ray show haha. I was like, hey I have that stuff! Cool!

Anyway that is my post for this week. Hope its helpful so someone :-) I know its not strictly makeup related but now and then I will be posting about other beauty products that I find work for me so hope you still enjoy it too :-)
Have an awesome weekend!

My Favourite lip products (everyday use)

Since I have extremely pigmented lips, I tend to go for lighter shades of pink on the lips to try and neutralise the colour a bit. But I have been liking the look of deeper shades of pink this winter... Not sure why but I do.

Anyway my favourite lip products that I carry around with me most days are:

(1) Lucas Pawpaw Ointment
- use this for any redness, cuts , scrapes and just an all round great lip balm for your lips too! Its a very versatile product and its fairly cheap. I think its about $9 - $12 for the smaller tube at any health store. I have a tub of it at home, and I carry the tube around in my handbag.

(2) M.A.C Lip erase lip balm in Dim
This product is a bit tricky to apply but I do love it. It gets rid of the colour on your lips like a concealer so the true colour of your lip balm or lipstick shows through. Its a lil bit drying though so I have to put the Lucas ointment on before hand and dry it off with a tissue. I bought this from ebay as I don't think you can buy it here in NZ.

(3) Smashbox lipstick in candle
This is a shimmery lipstick which is fairly nude. Its a little bit darker than what I would normally wear but I still like it. And I think its quite nice for winter. I usually use a gloss over this. I bought this from GracieLou here in NZ. She has really cheap branded stuff and she ships super fast. She's one of my favourite makeup suppliers. I really love smashbox packaging, its kind of a soft , matte packaging which is really different from alot of other makeup brands which tend to go for shiny packaging.

Photo from GracieLou.co.nz

(4) M.A.C Lipstick in creamcup (creamsheen finish)
This may just be my most favourite lipstick colour. I also have a few other mac lipsticks, but this one just looks sooo lovely on the lips. Its not too dark, not too light its just soo pretty and especially great as an everyday lipstick. It looks quite dark, but when you put it on, it gives the perfect pink pout :-) I just love it!

(5) Smashbox Lip Enhancing gloss in Cactus Flower
I'm generally a sucker for very pale sheer pink lipglosses but this lipgloss is a little bit more pigmented. Its a very natural looking lipgloss and looks so nice on. Its also great for everyday.

(6) Smashbox Lip Enhancing gloss in Expose
Yes another smashbox lipgloss! I love the smell of this lipgloss, and the smashbox lipglosses are all very good quality. They give a very natural shimmer and aren't sticky which can be annoying with some cheaper lipglosses. I love the colour of this , its kind of a corally peach colour (corally a word? lol ).

(7) Zovirax
I've included this here because this is a must have product in my handbag. I suffer from the occasional coldsore and this has often been a lifesaver. It can stop coldsores all together if I catch it in time, and if not it will make sure that my coldsore doesn't grow to a monstorous size! So I always carry this with me as well. I am yet to try the compede patches, heard they were quite good but they are a bit expensive. But for now I'm working on finishing my zovirax. I've moved onto the pump version now, the tube tends to bend and break over time which is reaaaally annoying.

Anyway hopefully this is helpful or interesting to someone! Till next post xo

My first post

Ok., so I already have another blog here, but I felt the need to start this one up. I haven't always been so obsessed with makeup until maybe the last year. And now I just feel like I want to share some of my opinions on products and how and where to get things from. It can sometimes be really difficult sourcing quality brands and products here in NZ at a reasonable price! So I will share where I am getting my stuff from and suppliers that I trust.

I'm a total youtube fan. I follow many makeup guru's on youtube just because I find it interesting to learn about how other people do their makeup. Its a great source of free information! As I continue to make posts I will probably feature some of my favourites here. :-)

But first I wanted to just write about my work ball coming up :-) The theme will be fairytale... YAY! lol. My workmate was getting her makeup done at M.A.C in the chancery and I thought , yes! I've always wanted to do that! Unfortunately it was all booked up there (must be popular!) so if you are thinking about going there , make sure you book well in advance. Fortunately I was able to make a booking at the MAC store at Smith & Caughey on Queen St. It was really difficult trying to find out the number to call as I was trying to find out the actual MAC store number , but I found out that you just call the main Smith & Caughey number and ask for the MAC store. For those who live in Auckland the S&C number is: (09) 377 4770.

You need to pay up front when making your booking. Its $90, which seems like alot but its actually not too bad as you can redeem this money for products at the end of your makeover. So yeah! I'm quite excited, I've always wanted to do it, but felt intimidated by the MAC store haha. I actually have quite bad skin, I'm acne prone. They said you can wear a little bit of makeup when you come in , and they will just cleanse it off. So I might have to do that :S

Also , if you have an idea of the type of makeup you want done, you can bring in a picture as reference for them. I'm so excited haha. My birthday is around the same time so it can also be a birthday present to myself lol!.. I will let you know how it all goes in following posts, and hopefully have some pictures. Hopefully I'll look like this (LOL!):

What am I talking about , I'm not even blond, and I don't even have blue eyes HAHAH!

Hope this is helpful to someone! I will be posting things that I'm buying here in following blogposts, things that I really love and things I regret buying!

Have a great rest of the week :-)
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