Blush swatches

I've been searching on the net for swatches lately for things like concealer, foundation etc and I just thought that it might be really helpful for others like me if I posted swatches of some of the things I own! So just to start off with, since I have quite a few blushes I thought that I would do swatches of them.  I hope this is helpful to someone!  I might talk about my favourite ones also.

From left to right:
  1. Smashbox (the blush side) - Baked cheek due on On the town
  2. NYX Rouge Cream blush - Rose Petal
  3. NYX Rouge Cream blush - Glow
  4. M.A.C - Well Dressed
  5. Smashbox - Famous
  6. NYX - Pinky
  7. Clinique - Bashful Plum
  8. E.l.f - Fuchsia Fusion
  9. Sleek - Rose Gold
  10. Sleek - Pomegranate.

The only ones I really don't like unfortunately are M.A.C well dressed, but only because it hardly shows up on my skin tone.  I'm not all that tanned, medium tan in the summer and quite pale in the winter.  I will still keep this blush but perhaps only use in the winter time.  It's a bit like Dandelion from Benefit which I haven't swatched yet.  Its really gorgeous but hardly shows up even if you are a little bit tanned.  (If you're wondering I'm about a NW25 in M.A.C)

The cream blushes from NYX are awesome for their pigmentation, although they do take a little bit of work to blend them nicely.  I want to eventually get some MAC ones to compare.

My favourite smashbox blush has to be famous, it really warms up your face and looks just gorgeous.

The sleek blushes are also really really nice because they are so smooth and apply so nicely to the cheek. 

If you are going for a natural flush, clinique bashful plum is great as is NYX - Rose Petal.  But I think my favourite of this bunch is Fuchsia Fusion.  It does have a lil bit of sparkle but I always feel really pretty when I wear it :)

So I hope that's helpful for all of you.  If you're wondering where I get my products from please have a look at this post.


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